Magnolia (VIDA Collection)

Is it possible not to love magnolias? They’re the first trees that bloom in springtime, when all the others are still sleeping. Milan is full of magnolias and they’re always beautiful to see with their white and pink flowers in March. I sketched this magnolia branch exclusively for VIDA and you can buy these beautiful pillows and more products at

Photo credit: Nadia Rusconi


New Floral Pattern

4 a4

There’s nothing like roses to draw. I enjoy drawing bold and beautiful flowers and, well, roses are amongst them. The shocking pink rose you can see in this pattern was actually spotted in Bali. It caught my eye and I knew I had to draw it. I created this pattern around this beauty, adding some green leaves and another shocking pink beauty, this time a dahlia (spotted in London), plus some white flowers to bring some delicacy to the whole: an hellebore and a small rose.

Exclusive: my 2019 Calendar!

Things have been really hectic last months. I don’t know how I could manage it, but in the end I was able to work on my first calendar. I’m so excited! It looks amazing. However it was finished on the very last days of the year so I could only gift it to my friends and family.

Would you like to have a calendar of mine for 2020? If you wanna place an order or have a custom version, please let me know!



Floral pattern and artworks inspired by Alex Garland’s 2018 feature film, “Annhilation”

Blue Butterflies (VIDA Collection)

Among all my patterns you can buy on VIDA at , I have a favorite. My blue butterflies pattern. I think that’s cause I love blue and butterflies as well. And when you’re able to see them on such beautiful small bag and kimono, well, your love deepens.

Photo credit: Nadia Rusconi

Christmas Roses

Whole new pattern this week just in time for Christmas! I wanted to make something special for this festivity and created this red and green pattern. To me there aren’t more festive colors! I played with the same big bold rose and its leaves but in different shades of red and green. 

If you enjoy it you can buy it at