Christmas Roses

Whole new pattern this week just in time for Christmas! I wanted to make something special for this festivity and created this red and green pattern. To me there aren’t more festive colors! I played with the same big bold rose and its leaves but in different shades of red and green. 

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As you read at, I really enjoyed making illustrations inspired by Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”. I especially loved the one surrounded by snakes-like branches like a framework so I decided to use them for another artwork. This time they weren’t covered by vegetation, but completely bare. At the centre of the composition I drew a full moon against the dark night sky.

This wasn’t one of my favourite artworks, but at least I’m happy to have tried myself another time.


Mix Fiorellini Gialli & Azzurri A4

These prints were born by chance. But sometimes best things come by chance, don’t you think so? One day I overlapped two different patterns of mine with different proportions and guess what? I enjoyed the outcome! I played only with my wildflowers patterns, because I love their colors put together: yellow, pink and my favourite, light blue.

Do you enjoy them as much as I?


There’s nothing like drawing a big bold flower. And what’s bolder than an hydrangea? I really enjoy creating patterns with this flower. You can buy this one at


2 a4

I know fall has finally arrived, but I’m already carving for spring, warm weather and colors! My latest pattern is a celebration of spring colors and flowers. Pink, light blue and white flowers all dancing together among lush green leaves.

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Fall Wildflowers

3 a4

Not ready for fall yet. But at last it has arrived. However it has also its own pros, don’t you think? I mean, do exist something like fall colors? Inspired by the dark hues of this season, I created this floral pattern composed by different kind of wildflowers in strong shades (red, orange, blue). You can buy it at

Are you ready to enjoy it or are you still craving for the some summer days?