Bali Flowers #2

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Another day, another floral pattern inspired by Balinese stunning plants. This one contains a bunch of pink frangipanis, one of my favs, gorgeous white gardenias and as always many lush green leaves.




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As I already told you sometimes, some days I enjoy sketching flowers and plants in a simpler and less naturalistic view. This time I was inspired by tropical nature and sketched some leaves and pink flowers. I almost didn’t left empty spaces in my pattern to give the idea of a dense and dark tropical jungle.

Bali Flowers #1

1 a4I really miss the Balinese jungle. And the nature as well. This is the first of a long series of pattern inspired by those stunning flowers and leaves. In this one you can easily spot a yellow frangipani’s bouquet and a red and white hibiscus.



Into the Woods

Into the Woods a4


As I enjoy so much nature and especially flowers, sometimes I like drawing some other natural element. In this case I decided to sketch some kind of succulent. I don’t its name or if it’s really a succulent, but when I spotted it inside Milan’s botanical garden it caught my eye. It’s a real beauty, don’t you think so?

I also added some tree logs, that I left in black and white. They made one of the straight lines that formed the pattern, the other being formed by the succulents. I called it after “Into the Woods” (the musical, not the Disney movie, cause I didn’t like it) cause it gives me some fairytale vibes, don’t you think so?

Into the Woods


I really enjoy trees, woods and everything in between. Actually, as I enjoy nature in every aspect. So ¬†I decided to sketch my personal forest and make a ¬†pattern from it. I draw and colored many different trees in a very simple way, less naturalistic than usual, but I really like the outcome. I called it “Into the Woods” (after the musical, not the Disney movie) because obviously I couldn’t call it in another way. Do you enjoy it?


A Bunch of Flowers

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Today I’m gonna show you a whole new floral pattern. Hand drawn and colored as always, however this time I sketched my flowers in a whole different way, less detailed and realistic. I imagined them as common flowers and I love the combination of colors I used (shades of lilac, light blue and pink, and of course the green of the leaves). Simply had fun experimenting something new this time. What do you think of it?

Bali Inspired Artworks


This summer I spent two amazing weeks in Bali. First time in Asia, first time flying so far away from home. Couldn’t have been happier! Best trip of my life ever, probably. Bali is wonderful for its nature, colors and spirituality. They were two weeks full of drawings, sketches and pictures to use as inspiration for my next artworks. I’m gonna share them with you over the next days and weeks. Stay tuned!