Illustration for my newborn cousin

Gatto Alice Marco Gabriele

Best way to celebrate my newborn cousin Gabriele in our family? An illustration of mine, of course. It’s a cat cub with a big light blue ribbon around his neck because his mother, my cousin Alice, and her husband Marco also have a lovely cat.

Welcome to the world Gabriele!



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I know fall has finally arrived, but I’m already carving for spring, warm weather and colors! My latest pattern is a celebration of spring colors and flowers. Pink, light blue and white flowers all dancing together among lush green leaves.

Do you enjoy this glimpse of springtime? You can buy it at

Fall Wildflowers

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Not ready for fall yet. But at last it has arrived. However it has also its own pros, don’t you think? I mean, do exist something like fall colors? Inspired by the dark hues of this season, I created this floral pattern composed by different kind of wildflowers in strong shades (red, orange, blue). You can buy it at

Are you ready to enjoy it or are you still craving for the some summer days?

Bali Flowers #3

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Another pattern inspired by Balinese nature. This time you can spot a yellow hibiscus and a multicolor canna. This latter is a favourite of mine, it’s a flower you can spot in many different colors and shapes in tropical regions. I really enjoyed this one characterized by so many multicolor flowers.


2018 10 13 Guastalla

While around on Bali, I always carried with me a sketchbook and a pencil. Every time I spotted something worth sketching, I stopped and started immediately drawing it. Usually it happened while visiting a temple, cause in Bali there are so many of them, some of which are amazing, surrounded by that lush jungle. For this reason many sketches of mine represent that awesome nature, its trees, plants and waters.

It was the first time I sketched while around and I enjoyed it really much. I started to do it also in my city, Milan, joining the Urban Sketchers, and also on every trip I’m gonna make!

Here you can find my Bali and Milan sketches. I’m gonna publish more of them on this page so stay tuned!



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As I already told you sometimes, some days I enjoy sketching flowers and plants in a simpler and less naturalistic view. This time I was inspired by tropical nature and sketched some leaves and pink flowers. I almost didn’t left empty spaces in my pattern to give the idea of a dense and dark tropical jungle.

Bali Flowers #1

1 a4I really miss the Balinese jungle. And the nature as well. This is the first of a long series of pattern inspired by those stunning flowers and leaves. In this one you can easily spot a yellow frangipani’s bouquet and a red and white hibiscus.