During fashion school I never liked drawing silhouettes and outfits. I felt so relieved when I finished studying, cause I’d never have to draw them again. I prefer my flowers or my landscapes.

Then I had to reconsider that kind of illustration. I realized it isn’t necessary they have to be only outfits on a white background. They can tell a story. And to help to tell this story you can add different elements and colors on the background. They also become more artistic in this way.  Many brands prefer to use this kind of fashion illustrations.

So I decided to try. I made some illustrations inspired by Gucci (you can view them at https://ceciprintsandflowers.wordpress.com/portfolio/fashion-projects/). I chose this brand because there isn’t a better storyteller in the fashion world right now. After I had drawn some outfits from its latest collection, I create beautiful backdrops to match them. For one I drew a planet and a flower recalling the embroidery on the gown, for another flowers floating outside an old book and for the last one an ancient classical architecture covered by vegetation.


Then I had an amazing idea for another one. Why don’t use my floral patterns? I draw a green gown with poppies appliqués and let the backdrop empty. I scanned the illustration and then filled the backdrop with my poppies pattern on photoshop. I really love the outcome. I mean, my flowers steal the spotlight. The outfits are just an excuse to let them shine even more.

I really enjoyed this challenge so I decided to try myself even more with this kind of illustrations. After choosing outfits inspired by famous fashion brands, I draw them surrounded sometimes by a natural or a fantastic backdrop, other times by my flowers. In this way I also illustrate my favourite heroines, like Leia Organa and Belle. You have to scroll the PROJECTS page to see more of them.

I called them DREAMS because they’ve a dreamlike feeling to me. Dreams are very important to me. They’re undefined, you can never remember them completely, but nevertheless they always leave a strong impression on you.



Poppy Pattern

Mix Papaveri Biglietto A4

There’s nothing like springtime. Animals and plants wake up and come back to life. Colors are everywhere: the green of  grass and of leaves on trees, the light blue of the clear sky… And the many colors of flowers, both on trees and in meadows. In a city like the one I live you can spot especially wildflowers in parks and other green spaces. Yellow, pink, white, blue… and the red of poppies. In late spring they grow everywhere, even among lone blades of grass on street corners. I love how their red pops against the green of grass.

Inspired by all this, I worked on a poppies pattern. Unfortunately I don’t have any picture of them in my library so I had to search on internet. I draw three different poppies and then add some leaves I had drawn previously. I didn’t want to add grass, so leaves were the perfect choice to add some green and create a strong contrast.

Now I just have to wait the beginning of spring.


Nontiscordardime (Mazzo) Biglietto A4

Once upon a time, there were my flowers. Well, they’re still among us and I don’t think they’ll leave us very soon. However, being a creative, I enjoy take new directions and create totally different artworks. As you can read at https://ceciprintsandflowers.wordpress.com/2017/11/28/she-came-from-sea-and-earth/, a whole and exciting new project called ABSTRACT started some months ago. It features patterns created taking details from my paintings and mixed with my floral patterns. I chose this name cause I really like this adjective. It can mean many different things and I think it suits very well these artworks.

I like all the projects I work on, but this could be ranked among my faves. It feels so fresh and new to me. Sometimes you don’t have to create totally different artworks from yours, but only give more strength and freshness to the ones you already created. Scroll down the PROJECTS page to see more of them!


Wildflowers Pattern

Mix Giallo&Azzurro Biglietto A4

Light blue is my favourite color. I’m pretty obsessed with it. It’s the color of sky, water and also of many flowers.

I don’t know why, but I don’t draw light blue flowers very often. So one day I decided to create a pattern featuring one of them and drew it. I also drew some little yellow wildflowers to match it. I’ve always loved these two colors together, because they remind me of the wildflowers you can spot in the meadows during springtime. I like the contrast between such a warm color and such a cold one.

The final touch? Some green leaves in a dark shade of green to give even more contrast. And as if that wasn’t enough, I love these flowers and this pattern even more because I used as inspiration pictures I took in places I consider my second home, after Milan of course: Elba Island in Tuscany, Italy (the light blue flower) and London (the yellow one).



If you’ve read my article https://ceciprintsandflowers.wordpress.com/2017/11/28/she-came-from-sea-and-earth/, then you surely know everything about the new exciting  directions my projects have taken. A series of them is called DOODLES because of the doodles I make with my brushes and paint. I love doodling because it makes me feel relaxed and it’s incredibly funny!

This project deals with the mix between the abstract lines I create while painting and my flowers. Right now you can see all them at https://ceciprintsandflowers.wordpress.com/portfolio/doodles/, but I’m gonna create more of them very soon!


Drawing Animals

scoiattoloSearching among the website, you’ve surely bumped into some black and white illustrations of animals. They’re really cute, aren’t they? Sometimes I need a break from flowers and draw something else. Usually animals, because it’s a whole differente kind of illustration for me, although I always rely on my pencils (but no colors in this case because I’m afraid to ruin everything!). And, of course, I deeply love animals. In case you wonder, my favorites are squirrels.

I usually draw the same animals you can find in my short stories, however the best part is the last one. They often become gifts for my friends, both new versions of drawings I already made and brand new artworks made for a specific person. If I know a friend of mine loves very much a certain animal, I have a lot of fun drawing it for her or him. And when I don’t draw their favorites, I enjoy drawing a fantastic creature we both love, maybe cause we saw the movie featuring  it together.