Floral Pattern

Mix Tulipani Gialli & Fiore Stellato Bianco (su nero) Biglietto A4

I love yellow. And there’s nothing like a yellow flower. They’re always able to put a smile on my face. I always enjoy drawing and coloring them with my pencils. One day I started sketching some yellow open tulips and then decided to make a pattern with them. I added some green leaves to give some contrast, but in the end I decided to make another pattern also with other flowers. While for the tulips I had to search on internet (I’ve only close tulips in my library), I was able to find the others in my library. So I drew some blue wildflowers I spotted while in London and then a white beauty I saw while in Athens. Don’t know how this white flower is called, but it enchanted me with its star-like shape.

And of course all this yellow can’t help to put a smile on my face every time I take a glance at it.


Biomaterra Interview


For Fashion Revolution Week, I’ve been featured on Biomaterra as one of the young emerging designers trying to make fashion in a sustainable and responsible way. They interviewed me and also took some pictures of me and my works. It was incredible, we had an amazing time and a lot of fun! Thank you again for this honor!

Check out their Instagram stories to see my full interview (Italian version only) https://www.instagram.com/biomaterra/?hl=it

Also read their post on Facebook (Italian version only) https://it-it.facebook.com/biomaterra/posts/506135696448435

You can buy my blue butterflies kimono at https://shopvida.com/collections/cecilia-battaini

Photo credit: Paola Parotti

Spring Pattern

Mix Irisi & Fiori di Campo A4

Spring came late this year. This made me so unhappy. I’ve already told you many times, there’s nothing like spring to me. The world suddenly becomes warm and colourful. Well, this year here in Milan we had to wait. Early spring flowers bloomed a month later than usual. I love the first spring  flowers. They stand alone seen that the others aren’t so brave to bloom when the temperatures aren’t already warm enough. I decided to celebrate these survivors with a pattern so I drew an iris (spotted in Milan last year) and some magnolia buds on their branches (spotted in London last summer). To finish I add some yellow wildflowers and green leaves I had already drawn before.

Does it give spring vibes, doesn’t it?


Foglia BW Piuma (nero) A4

Sometimes I need to take a break from flowers. As you know I already draw animals, but couldn’t create a patterns with them. At least for now. Then I realized I had drawn many different leaves, so why not trying with them? I started creating patterns with them, but only with the black and white ones. Uncolored leaves have a whole different appearance compared to green ones, don’t you think? I use to add a black background to make them stand out. Right now I created only patterns with tropical leaves, but I’m planning more and more of them!

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Wildflowers Pattern

Mix Fiorellini A4 nero

To me there’s nothing like a huge meadow full of colorful wildflowers. That’s one of the main reasons why I love so much springtime. I wanted to recreate this feeling in a pattern so I chose some little flowers in three different colors (I had already drawn and used them for other patterns). A light blue forget-me-not, a yellow common wildflowers, and a pink geranium. I find these three colors so lovely when put together, don’t you?

Mix Fiorellini A4

Tropical Pattern

Mix Tropicale

I’ve never tried a tropical pattern before so one day I said to myself why not? Actually it started as a commission. Also the colors were chosen by my client: black, white, pink and red. Seen that I could use only few colors and green wasn’t among them, I made the leaves black and white. I knew I had to use a dark background (first time I did that, I always use only white) so I was sure they’d have stood out. I chose tropical types searching for pictures on internet (in my library I haven’t already any kind of tropical plants), then I went back to the flowers, letting myself to be guided by the very restricted color chart. For the pink I drew three small simple flowers of the same type, while for the red I opted for one of the most fascinating flowers in all world, the bird of paradise.

However, after the collaboration with my client didn’t end well, I decided to finish the pattern for myself and to add my own touch. I wanted to add a cold color to the mix, so I chose a light blue wildflower I had already used many times. I couldn’t help it, it’s one of my favorites.  Then I put everything together and created this beautiful tropical paradise.

Are you enjoying it as much as I?

Sweet Roses

Stampa Rose

At https://ceciprintsandflowers.wordpress.com/portfolio/garden-of-blooms/, you can view all prints and patterns both hand drawn and digital I’ve created for Chiara Boni La Petite Robe Spring Summer 2018. I’ve already talked about the pattern I created with my flowers at https://ceciprintsandflowers.wordpress.com/2018/03/01/pastel-flowers-part-1/, but today I’m gonna explain you what’s behind another print featured in the collection.

It has been called SWEET ROSES and it’s featured in the Couture collection. My bosses demanded a very specific kind of print, so I had to follow literally their requests. They asked for a very graphic pattern featuring roses. They even gave me some pictures of roses to draw inspiration from!



The first step was drawing some silhouettes of roses using those pictures. I drew three different roses but didn’t color them. I scanned my sketches and then modify them on Illustrator and Photoshop. Since the roses had to be graphic, I made the contours of the flowers with a black line and then filled the composition with spot colors. I had to choose among the hues of the collection, so in the end I opted for pink, lilac and light blue. In the end I added some shades.

This pattern was so well received that it ended to be used not only for the clothes of the Couture, but also for the cover and the layout of the lookbook. Couldn’t be more chuffed of myself!