If you’ve read my article, then you surely know everything about the new exciting  directions my projects have taken. A series of them is called DOODLES because of the doodles I make with my brushes and paint. I love doodling because it makes me feel relaxed and it’s incredibly funny!

This project deals with the mix between the abstract lines I create while painting and my flowers. Right now you can see all them at, but I’m gonna create more of them very soon!



Drawing Animals

scoiattoloSearching among the website, you’ve surely bumped into some black and white illustrations of animals. They’re really cute, aren’t they? Sometimes I need a break from flowers and draw something else. Usually animals, because it’s a whole differente kind of illustration for me, although I always rely on my pencils (but no colors in this case because I’m afraid to ruin everything!). And, of course, I deeply love animals. In case you wonder, my favorites are squirrels.

I usually draw the same animals you can find in my short stories, however the best part is the last one. They often become gifts for my friends, both new versions of drawings I already made and brand new artworks made for a specific person. If I know a friend of mine loves very much a certain animal, I have a lot of fun drawing it for her or him. And when I don’t draw their favorites, I enjoy drawing a fantastic creature we both love, maybe cause we saw the movie featuring  it together.




I’m not very fond of taking pictures. However I was taught that, being a creative, is extremely important to have a huge library of pictures to use as inspiration for my artworks. They could be found on the web or taken by myself, what’s important is to have always many images to draw inspiration from.

I didn’t have such a library for a very long time and worked without it for many years. Thought my limitless imagination was enough. Then, almost a year ago I changed my mind. My imagination never let me down, but I realized I was surrounded by so many beautiful details and particulars that deserved to be pictured to be used in my prints, illustrations or something else. I’m able to spot something that catches my attention everywhere, while I’m traveling or also when I’m at home in Milan. It could be a shadow, a crack in a wall, something interesting from a from an architectural viewpoint, and so many other stuff.

And flowers, of course. By now when I draw flowers I search among the pictures in the library I created on my laptop. I also use them for my prints when it’s possible, because using your own pictures your artworks become unique and more personal.

That’s how my project DAYDREAM started. Inspired by the pictures I took during my travels, I made collages of them to create a whole new series of prints. Sometimes I also incorporated my flowers into them. I chose this name because, well, actually I spent a lot of time daydreaming. Be sure to check this page, as I’m going to update it periodically!

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She Came from Sea and Earth

IMG_3579 copia

This project began when last summer I attended a digital prints on textiles short course at Central Saint Martins, in London. It inspired me to use my flowers in many different ways to make prints. Right now I’m working hard on this new direction, but here’s how it all began.

During the course I developed a project inspired by sea and earth and their connections. I’ve always seen them as interconnected. They are nature. They are life.

First I wrote a short story, a myth dealing with the origins of the world and with the life sprawling from Sea and Earth.

Developing the Earth theme was easy. I had my flowers. Above all I was drawn by flowers like frangipanis and their shell-like shapes. My color palette was limited to white and different hues of light blue so I added flowers like daffodils and forget-me-nots.

All-Over A4

Then, the Sea. I liked the idea on work on curvilinear lines, inspired by waves, corals and also clouds. I know clouds aren’t exactly connected to the Sea, but waves always remind me clouds. After painting abstract curvilinear lines with blue temper, I modified them on Photoshop and selected details from them to created abstract blue and white patterns. Then I had an idea: why not incorporate my flowers into them? My new prints were born. The first was a delicate forget-me-not on an abstract white and blue pattern you can see on my t-shirt in the pictures (yes, I printed it by myself!).

I also worked on engineered prints and printed them on fabric leftovers. After choosing the paintings more similar to clouds and waves, I modified them on Photoshop and incorporated again my flowers into them. This time I chose white daffodils and white blue frangipanis.

I enjoyed this project so much that I decided to develop it further. Stay tuned!

Photo credit: Tamara Almeida


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Flowers in the Space Part Two


As I already told you here, I was tasked with creating prints inspired by the idea of flowers floating in the space. While the other print was chosen to be part of collection (I took the sample home cause it wasn’t very polished), this one was tested but then rejected by my boss.

I was very sad because I really enjoyed working on this print and loved the outcome. Actually there are two versions of this print and you can see both of them at

To me it has a strong Nordic winter vibe. Once again found inspiration in the aurora borealis and its light effects, but this time decided to work on a sort of landscape. I found this picture on internet representing a small chalet surrounded by snow and a wood of fir trees, in front of a lake. I was drawn by the sharp contrast between the chalet and the black sky, interrupted only by a flash of light. I also loved the play of reflections in the lake’s water.

5bOK dim reali

The next step was pasting on it another picture, also found on internet, this time a bouquet of flowers (among them peonies, orchids and irises), which added more colors that played very well with the aurora’s light. Then I reflected the image and create this engineered print.

Since it was rejected, I could take the samples home. I made this beautiful floating skirt and, although it has a strong winter vive, it has become one of my favourite summer items.

I also saved some fabric scraps and I’m gonna make some patchwork items with them. Actually a new top is ready. Pics coming soon!

Photo Credit: Tamara Almeida