Invito Mostra

Saturday 25th May will be the perfect day to be in Bologna, Italy. I will exhibit and sell my products and artworks at “Olè-Oltre l’editoria” Festival at social space XM24, Via Fioravanti 24, Bologna, Italy. You can join me there from 14 to 18 pm.

Looking forward to meeting many of you there!


Camellias in the Sky


Spring is in the air and camellias are blooming everywhere. To celebrate this season and this beautiful plant, I drew a whole bunch of red camellias on their branch. These shades of red and light blue are a match made in heaven.

I thought of it as an engineered print, what do you think of it?


Small Wildflowers Pattern

A4 spm

So excited to share with you this one! It won the Surface Pattern Marketplace MINI FLORALS challenge and can be bought at https://surfacepatternmarketplace.com/vendor/ceciprintsflowers/ !

I played around while creating this Mini Florals pattern with so many colors and small flowers. I don’t know the name of most of them, I guess they’re some kind of wildflowers I spotted while around, in Bali or Milan. Also I enjoyed putting together all these colors: white, light blue and red. This time I added a different kind of leaf, more similar to a fern.

Bali Flowers #4

4 a4

There’s nothing I miss like Balinese jungle. I had never seen such a lush and marvelous nature before. Not only the flowers, but also that kind of vegetation which reminds me more leaves than flowers, although they’re actually flowers. I put them in my latest pattern inspired by that wonderful island: the red fierce heliconia and the funny bicolor parrot’s beak, alongside a pink delicate hibiscus and a whole bunch of white frangipanis.


Jungle Lady

Jungle Lady copia

This print was simply fun. I created it for Chiara Boni La Petite Robe November 2017 Capsule Collection. Originally I developed it on Photoshop, but it didn’t’ satisfied anyone so I drew it by hand. Then the fun begun. I used my markers, I mean more or less 3 differente shades of green and 3 different shades of blue, on a huge sheet of paper. It was bigger than me, I’m not joking! I had to put it on the ground to color it. I covered it whole with stripes of these colors. I spent a whole day on the ground and I was in pain for the next days. But it was worth doing it!


Tropical Pattern

Actually this isn’t a real tropical pattern but it gives me that feeling for its vibrant and sunny colors. Especially that dark yellow background. The red flower is a canna I spotted in Bali, but actually the other flowers are common in Europe. That big bold yellow beauty is a daffodil I saw in Milan, where I also spotted that beautiful pink azalea. I enjoy drawing leaves so that one belongs to a huge series of sketches I made.