This illustration was inspired by the first short story I ever wrote.  The setting in the story was very important, almost a character itself, so I decided to make it the focus of my artwork. It’s loosely based on a real garden that dear to me, however interpreted in in my own way. I loved playing with many shades of green while coloring the trees, the bushes and the grass. To add more colors I made a bush pink and another one light blue, as to suggest they’re blooming. Trees and bushes enclose the centre of the composition, where I drew a large grey stone vase covered with vegetation, a key feature in my story, and a path towards it in the same material .




Some time ago I found some unfinished sketches among my drawings. They were landscapes I doodled a day I hadn’t nothing to do, only to have fun. So I decided to finish and color them. I still had the images I used as references to draw them (I had found them on internet, usually I don’t take pictures of landscapes although I love them deeply).

Both of them were sea landscapes, the first with only clouds and the horizon, the second with some trees and vegetation. I wanted to play with lights and colors so decided to make them sunrises. Or sunsets, as you prefer. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish one from the other in a drawing or in a picture. I love both these moments and the day and it’s hard to pick favourite, but I think I’d say sunrise, because I love mornings and the beginning of the day.

I really love playing with colors and shades and that’s what I did with these artworks. The first is completely pink and yellow, with a slight touch of lilac, while the second is orange and yellow, with the dark green trees and vegetation creating a strong contrast.


Red Field


I love vast, boundless fields. In every color. To me it’s enough it’s only nature, without any human intervention. I love flowers field, with their many colors and shapes. But I also love corn fields and grass ones as well.

One day I felt the need to doodle a field. I had so much fun doodling the corn. While I colored the sky light blue, however, I didn’t want the corn field to be gold. I wanted it red. After all, red fields do exist. Red would have created a pretty nice contrast with light blue. These two colors go together pretty well, I think.

La La Land

La La Land A4

City of Stars, are you shining just for me?


I’ve a soft spot for musicals. I couldn’t be more excited when “La La Land” came out. Today musicals (well, good musicals) don’t come out so often like decades ago and to me this movie was a huge event. It didn’t disappoint. I fell in love. On the other hand, I’m just a fool who dreams.

I had to do a pattern inspired by it. I sketched some odd stars, cause stardom is one of the main themes of the movie, and we shouldn’t forget the song “City of Stars”. I left them  black and white cause I decided to add some colorful flowers. I wanted them yellow cause it’s the color of stars and sun (yep, “Another Day of Sun” it’s my favourite song) and also Emma Stone wears a yellow dress in the poster, which captures one of the best scenes of the whole movie. Flowers had to remind me stars in some way, so I decided to sketch a couple of columbines. They really look like shooting stars, don’t you think so?

And remember, today it’s just another day of sun.

Gauguin’s Tahiti: Part One – Tiarè

ST 222 V2 a4

Chiara Boni La Petite Robe Spring Summer 2019 is inspired by Gauguin, his beautiful paintings of Tahitian nature and women and his use of color. Next year I’m gonna share the whole collection, but right now I can give you a glimpse of it thanks to the pre collection.

I was tasked with creating original prints and patterns inspired by his artworks. After I searched for beautiful details from his paintings, I sketched them with pencil on paper. I didn’t want to paint them. I’m not so good at painting and was afraid I’d have ruined everything. However the patterns had to remind brushstrokes, like a real work of art. So I downloaded some graphics apps on my iPhone and used them to modify my drawings in order to make them like paintings. It worked so well that I started coloring my sketches with my pencils and then transformed them into paintings through these apps. In the end I created my patterns as usual on Photoshop.

The first pattern, TIARE, was chosen for the Pre Spring Collection. It’ll be also featured in the Spring Summer but  with the background in another color. The background was a challenge cause it hadn’t to be flat. It had to be irregular, exactly like a painting. So I colored and shaded a piece of paper with two different colors of chalks then gave it a brushstroke effect with my apps.


This flower was the very first sketch I did cause my boss loved it so much. We both spotted it in a Gauguin’s self portrait “Les Miserables” dated 1888. It decorated the wall behind him. We both fell in love with it and I was asked to create a pattern reproducing the same flower. I colored my sketch with my pencils, cause we had exactly the same colors in the collection, then modified it again with my apps to look like a painting. Then I created a pattern reproducing the same scheme seen in Gauguin’s artwork. I was tasked with creating two versions with different background colors, one orange, exactly like in the original painting, and the other one blue. The latter was chosen to be part of the Pre Spring 2019 Collection, called BLUE ISLAND, while the other one is gonna be part of the main collection. This means you have to wait at least half a year to see it on my website, alongside my other prints and patterns for this collection.


The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water A4


I really enjoyed “The Shape of Water”. We all know the best versions of “Beauty and the Beast” are the ones where there isn’t any transformation. I’ve always thought there’s no need of it. But this doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy Disney cartoon, like all of us I think.

Guilliermo Del Toro created a fairy tale delicate and rough at the same time, as every real fairy tale should be. It inspired me to create a new pattern. An aquatic pattern.

I studied carefully the original movie poster, an illustration representing Eliza and the Creature hugging underwater surrounded by floating seaweed. Seaweed had to be the main element of my composition. I sketched some of it taking inspiration from the poster. However I colored it black and white.

Use of colors is a main element of the movie. Most of it it’s green. Everything is  green, it’s the color of normality, in every way. But then red pops out. Gradually, as romance between Eliza and the Creature grows.

Alghe A4

So I knew I needed a red flower. I wanted flowers with a floating shape, something which could remind me a kind of aquatic vegetation. The chosen ones were two Iceland poppies I spotted recently in my Milan. Then came the difficult part. I didn’t want anything green in my pattern, but being this and red the main colors of the movie I couldn’t choose. In the end I opted for white cause always in my Milan I spotted some beautiful magnolias which reminded me sea anemones.

After I had finished my composition, I also worked on a black and white pattern only with the seaweed. I really enjoy how it floats, don’t you?