Gauguin’s Tahiti: Part Four – Tahitian Batik

For Chiara Boni La Petite Robe SS 2019 I was also tasked with the creation of some engineered prints, always inspired by Gauguin’s artworks. I created two of them but only one was featured in the collection. Called TAHITIAN BATIK, it drew inspiration from Gauguin’s 1892 “By the Sea (Fatata te miti)”, where you can spot a huge wave composed by many different colors (blue, purple, orange). I created a color block print reproducing this effect sketching my own version of the wave on paper and coloring it with my pencils. Exactly as for the other prints, I altered its aspect with Glaze to create a brushstrokes effect. The final step was creating the print through Photoshop.

I really enjoy it. It’s such a bold and unexpected statement, don’t you think so?


Yellow Tulips

Modulo Piazzato.png

I love so much pink and yellow combined together. So i decided to do something pretty different this time. Instead of a pattern, I worked on an engineered print featuring this beautiful bold yellow tulips I spotted in Milan.

What do you think? Do you like my experiment?


Gauguin’s Tahiti: Part Three – Aloha & Polinesia

While searching among Gauguin’s paintings, I was captivated by his Tahitian women’s clothes, their colors and motifs. They’re so much beautiful and he rendered them in such a simple way. So I created some patterns inspired by them.

I sketched so many motifs and my bosses selected three of them. Then I colored them and transformed them into paintings through Glaze.

In the end I made two patterns with them. The first, characterized  by a floral orange motif, was called ALOHA and it’s my favorite. Although its name, I think it has more “One Thousand and One Nights” vibes, don’t ask me why. Maybe for its dark blue background (the same brushstrokes background used for the others patterns of the collection) and lushness. It’s also featured in the 2019 Swimwear Pre Collection.

For the other one, POLINESIA, I used the other two motifs both inspired by flora, one green and the other one blue. I put them on the usual brushstroke background, this time white. I really like its freshness and simplicity.

Gauguin’s Tahiti: Part Two – Bananito


I’ve a soft spot for bananas, don’t you? When it’s season (fall and winter here in Italy) bananas are my favourite snack. But I didn’t create this BANANITO pattern for Chiara Boni La Petite Robe Spring Summer 2019  and also featured in the Swimwear Collection because of my fondness for bananas. Me and my boss spotted some bunches of bananas in Gauguin’s 1891 “Hail Mary (La Orana Maria)” and fell in love with them. Their shape was so wavy and fluid that they almost seemed flowers.

I sketched them and colored with my pencils, one orange and two yellow, with shades of green. They came out so beautiful and well refined, looking even more like real flowers, that my bosses decided decided to use my drawings, without passing them through a filter on Glaze or Photoshop. The only element which reminded a painting was again that brushstrokes on the background, this time yellow.


Today’s pattern is a wonderful celebration of daisies. Although they’re a pretty common and simple flower, I found them extremely beautiful in their simplicity. I created two backgrounds for them, black and bordeaux.

If you enjoy it you can buy it at

Ali nel Vento

So excited to be finally able to share this with you. My first cover for a book! This adventure started more than a year ago. When Elvira Morelli wrote her first novel, she asked me to make an illustration for the cover. She loved so much my artworks and intended to use one of them.

She gave me extremely precise instructions, but in the end she was very pleased with it. I drew a young woman from behind, wearing a simple white dress floating in the wind, like her long wavy dark blonde hair. The wind is a very important element in the novel, so I had to picture it in some way.

The author talked and talked again about leaves, cause an heart-shaped leaf is featured in a very important passage in the novel. For this reason I sketched a huge dark green leaf and many other small ones all around the composition and colored with all the shades of fall  (red, yellow and also dark green). In the end I added some very simple black silhouettes of birds. For the sunset on the background I blended two different colors of chalks, light blue and orange. 

Right now you can buy “Ali nel Vento” in selected libraries all around Italy and online on Amazon. For now only Italian version is available. 

So excited for this project! Hope this gonna be the first of a long series of books illustrations.