Dreams Part One


For my cousin’s wedding, I made my whole outfit by myself. Actually I already had these two items in my closet. I made the white top last year and since then it has become one of my favorites. Because of my penchant for white tops, I think.

But it’s the skirt which really steals the spotlight. I never wore it before. It was part of a collection I created during academy years. Inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s “Dreams”, I realized a collection called after this film. The main theme was the juxtaposition of prints, representing details from landscape photography and 18th and 20th century female portraits.

Being the prints extremely vivid and colorful, the only color in the collection was white. The back of every printed item was white and also the one of this skirt, as you can see in the picture. Actually I used the same white cotton to sew the top.

When I found out about the wedding and the location (the incredibly beautiful Elba Island, in Tuscany, Italy), I immediately thought about this skirt. I had to work hard on it: having been fitted on a model, it was too long for me. Actually I cut so much fabric that I made a top from it (I’m gonna share pics of it very soon)!



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