Midnight Garden


Today I’m gonna talk about my bad habit. I steal fabric samples of my prints from the office where I work. They would end in the trash, so actually I’m saving them, not stealing them.

When you create prints for textiles, this means many samples before a print is chosen to be part of a collection. Usually these samples end in the trash, but I’ve decided my prints won’t face this fate. I carry them home with me and use them to make clothes for me, my friends and family.

That’s where this floating skirt come from. The print on this sample wasn’t polished so it has been thrown away. I took it home and with a little help by my dear friend Giuliana Vettorazzi (check out her website https://lovehellobaby.wordpress.com, she makes amazing stuff) transformed it in a beautiful skirt. Actually I still have some fabric, so maybe one day I’m gonna make a top. And, yes, I also made the white top you see in the pictures.

This print was featured alongside other two in Chiara Boni La Petite Robe October 2015 Capsule Collection, called “Midnight Garden”. It celebrated the magic of dark flowers and of gardens shining in the moonlight (you can view the whole project at https://ceciprintsandflowers.wordpress.com/portfolio/midnight-garden/).


I chose to represent cherry blossoms surrounded by butterflies. Taking a detail from a picture, I transformed it in a painting on my laptop, changed its colors (the flowers originally were light blue) and added some butterflies. I drew and colored them with my pencils, then transformed them in a painting as well.

This print was one of my first artworks and is still one of my faves. I was inspired by Japan, one of my favourite places in the world (actually that’s a dream of mine, because I’ve never been there!). Indeed it was created for a Japan-inspired collection, but after a while my boss shelved it. However they liked my print so much that decided to feature them in this capsule collection.

One day I’ll go to Japan, I promise. Maybe I’ll also write a short story about cherry blossoms, who knows. But there’s always the stunning cherry blossoms episode featured in Akira Kurosawa’s “Dreams” that springs to my mind!

Photo credit: Tamara Almeida




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