Flowers in the Space Part One


One day, I had an idea: why don’t make some swimwear with my prints? The fabric used in the office is always the same and could be used for swimwear, so why not doing it with the samples I take home?

I searched among my samples till I found the one. A print inspired by flowers and space, created for Chiara Boni La Petite Robe Fall/Winter 2016 Collection (you can view the full project here

The task was working on the idea of flowers floating in the space. I found inspiration in the aurora borealis and the beautiful light effects it creates. I created a twirl of flowers (I chose peonies because they’re similar to roses but less obvious than them) and then pasted it on a space background with many and beautiful lights effects I had made before. Everything was made on Photoshop, using different pictures I found on internet.

1OK dim realia

In the pictures you can see the print black and light blue, but it has been made also in red and black. Of course being light blue my favourite color I chose that!

The swimsuit was made by my dear friend Giuliana Vettorazzi, one of the masterminds behind the brand Hello Baby (check out their website here Love also the pictures by another dear friend of mine, Tamara Almeida. We had a lot of fun when she challenged me to play my best version of Merida. Easy task thanks to my wild locks!

Photo credit: Tamara Almeida

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