She Came from Sea and Earth

IMG_3579 copia

This project began when last summer I attended a digital prints on textiles short course at Central Saint Martins, in London. It inspired me to use my flowers in many different ways to make prints. Right now I’m working hard on this new direction, but here’s how it all began.

During the course I developed a project inspired by sea and earth and their connections. I’ve always seen them as interconnected. They are nature. They are life.

First I wrote a short story, a myth dealing with the origins of the world and with the life sprawling from Sea and Earth.

Developing the Earth theme was easy. I had my flowers. Above all I was drawn by flowers like frangipanis and their shell-like shapes. My color palette was limited to white and different hues of light blue so I added flowers like daffodils and forget-me-nots.

All-Over A4

Then, the Sea. I liked the idea on work on curvilinear lines, inspired by waves, corals and also clouds. I know clouds aren’t exactly connected to the Sea, but waves always remind me clouds. After painting abstract curvilinear lines with blue temper, I modified them on Photoshop and selected details from them to created abstract blue and white patterns. Then I had an idea: why not incorporate my flowers into them? My new prints were born. The first was a delicate forget-me-not on an abstract white and blue pattern you can see on my t-shirt in the pictures (yes, I printed it by myself!).

I also worked on engineered prints and printed them on fabric leftovers. After choosing the paintings more similar to clouds and waves, I modified them on Photoshop and incorporated again my flowers into them. This time I chose white daffodils and white blue frangipanis.

I enjoyed this project so much that I decided to develop it further. Stay tuned!

Photo credit: Tamara Almeida


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