Being a movie geek, I asked myself why don’t use movies as inspiration for my patterns? So here we are. “Annhilation”, Alex Garland’s latest flick, came out on Netflix earlier this year. I fell in love with his previous feature, “Ex Machina”, so I was excited to see what he’d have delivered next. I didn’t love “Annhilation” as much as “Ex Machina”, but it struck me with its complexity and unusual takes on themes like self-destruction, mutations and doppelgängers. Inspired by the mutant plants seen in the movie, I decided to create a botanical pattern. I like seeing it as a rare example of plant which grows without interruption and eats all the available space with its branches covered with lichens and its multiple and colorful flowers.

In the movie you can spot more than once walls covered with lichens in many different colours, so I drew a couple of tree branches covered with it. While I kept them green, for the wood I opted for black and white. Then I started thinking about the flowers. One of the main themes of the movie is that everything is always mutating, so I chose very different flowers but originating from the same plant.

Giglio Rosa

I searched for inspiration in my library and then found the perfect two among the pictures I took in London last summer. First a lily in a very light shade of pink, with its buds in a darker one. I left the stems black and white. Then a small group of orange flowers (don’t know the name) to which I added some thin leaves, almost   grass-like, always black and white. To finish I added my favourite light blue wildflower you certainly spotted in many other patterns of mine!

My pattern was completed, but I wasn’t done with the movie. Its creatures struck me as well. I had to draw this deer half plant, with all those flowers covering its antlers. I think it’s incredibly dreamy and elegant, don’t you?



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