Tropical Pattern

Mix Tropicale

I’ve never tried a tropical pattern before so one day I said to myself why not? Actually it started as a commission. Also the colors were chosen by my client: black, white, pink and red. Seen that I could use only few colors and green wasn’t among them, I made the leaves black and white. I knew I had to use a dark background (first time I did that, I always use only white) so I was sure they’d have stood out. I chose tropical types searching for pictures on internet (in my library I haven’t already any kind of tropical plants), then I went back to the flowers, letting myself to be guided by the very restricted color chart. For the pink I drew three small simple flowers of the same type, while for the red I opted for one of the most fascinating flowers in all world, the bird of paradise.

However, after the collaboration with my client didn’t end well, I decided to finish the pattern for myself and to add my own touch. I wanted to add a cold color to the mix, so I chose a light blue wildflower I had already used many times. I couldn’t help it, it’s one of my favorites.


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