Things are getting really serious


Have you ever dreamt to wear one of my prints? Or, why not, to hang it on the wall or to dress your cushions and other furniture in your house? Well, maybe your dream is gonna be true.

If you like how my tulips look on cotton pique or wanna buy fabrics featuring my flowers (choosing among my collection or asking for a new exciting design created especially for you) , you only have to contact me!


Things are getting serious

IMG_3196Spent last days working on cards. Many different kind of cards. Graduations, weddings, birthdays… and of course my amazing business cards.

If you like my flowers, why don’t feature them on your personal cards? If you need a card for an event or something else, contact me! You can choose one of my designs, a pattern or a single flower, or I can create something new especially for you.  I may also create the lay out for your very special card.

You only have to contact me!